Key Issues

Jim Kaminski knows the issues that are important to Ward 1 residents. After many face-to-face conversations with members of this community, he’s prepared to act on the things that matter most.

By listening to the people of Strongsville—their primary concerns and desires—Jim has developed an outline of the key issues he’ll prioritize as a City Council member. This includes topics like financial security, improved safety, stabilized city services, traffic solutions, beautification of the North End, and a plan for the future of local retail.

Please help Jim prioritize, remove and add new issues to the list!

Vote now on your TOP 3 issues for Ward 1.  It’s your voice that matters!

Ward 1 Issues

  • I am listening and heard this loud and clear, residents are asking for fire/paramedic teams located in the center of town to increase response times.
  • Jim will host Ward 1 meetings every other month to keep residents informed on future projects, up-coming events, road repairs, or anything that impacts the surrounding area
  • Jim will fight for continued investment in our roads and bridge repairs. When Jim last served on Council he was involved with the expansion of Royalton Rd and Pearl Rd South.
  • We have opportunities to have a combination of a natural and a manufactured barrier to reduce noise levels
  • Entrance and access road to the Ohio Turnpike off Pearl Rd needs attention
  • Explore ways to improve access by foot or bike in the sub-divisions located near the Metroparks
  • The addition of missing left turn lanes where needed (Albion & 130th)
  • Control the ingress/egress points on Pearl Road
  • Jim understands beautification, he was one of just a few individuals that founded the Freedom Trail in the center of town, one of the largest beautification projects in Strongsville. Learn more about the project by clicking here.
  • Research utilization options for vacant parcels of land on the North End of Pearl

City Wide Issues

  • This would be done through a charter amendment that the residents would vote on
  • Jim is committed to partnering with our strong medical establishments in Cleveland to expand services, technology, and provide top-notch medical care for all residents in Strongsville. This is a critical service we need, and it provides great paying careers for residents. A Win, Win Solution!
  • Best in class response times for Paramedic, Fire & Police
  • Waste & leaf removal at no cost to the residents
  • Quick snow removal
  • Recreational Services maintained and expanded when possible
  • Protect our triple A bond rating and the rainy-day fund with sound financial choices. Jim’s 32 years of business experience has prepared him for these decisions
  • Recruit non-retail companies with potential for growth and career opportunities
  • Improve the local small business climate and inspire entrepreneurs
  • Explore new types of retail options for shifting commerce
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